the day he left…

I was uploading all Zach's photos to Costco this last week. Uhhh....1500 of them. Yeah, you heard me. And that's not even counting the last six months or so. While I'd originally planned to drop them into page protectors and have it ready before he came home, I had a better thought to wait for him to come home so we could put them in together as a family and he could talk about them. (Also, this lets him pick the ones he wants on display where there may be a couple of the same shot involved.) Anyway, came across [...]

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almost in the moment a sweet couple from washington d.c. sent us a couple photos last night, probably almost immediately after the boys enjoyed what looked like a very nice meal! felt like we were almost there. loved it. my son is on the right there. less than seven weeks and he's home!   casey abrams this guy rocks! american idol fans out there? this guy is my favorite! i would buy an album of him singing and playing his bass in his jazzy way . . . right. now. if you haven't seen this guy yet, watch THISĀ and this: [...]

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a funny thing happened . . .

. . . on the way to the capitol.Okay, so it sounds like it should be a joke . . . and it is kind of funny . . . but it really did happen.So my missionary boy--who's serving an LDS mission in Washington DC--emailed and said that last night they were in the Capitol Hill South area and were going to meet someone at the Metro station. They thought the quickest way from point A to point B was to cut through in front of the capitol. He said there were a bunch of cops and they just walked [...]

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the friday freebie: laugh

'Tis the season to be jolly, l o l o lllll...o l...o l Oh wait, that's the modern version. I guess it's fa la la la laaa . . . la la . . . la la . . . However you wanna sing it, here's hoping your Christmas season is filled with laughter. And to help you capture those moments on a page, here's the Friday Freebie! (Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/PNG/JPG) To download it, click HERE. I also thought I'd share a little update on my missionary boy. He'd been wanting a little change and had been thinking about transferring [...]

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the friday freebie

I can't believe this is our last official weekend of summer! The girls both start back to school on Wednesday--Kass at UVU and Jordan in her first year of high school. Well, technically, the sophomores start a day early . . . before all the kids that already know what they are doing start, but I don't think it's a full day. At any rate, soon my house will be fairly quiet once again each day . . . except for Kass who will be in and out living the college life. She's studying photography and just did her first [...]

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a little t-shirt goodness

So a couple weeks ago I was chatting with my dear friend Lisa Bearnson, who's son is also serving an LDS mission right now in North Carolina. It's nice to comisserate with someone. ;) She was talking about something she was going to make with her son's mission name on it and as I was looking at her while she was talking, this image came to mind for me to make a t-shirt for my son with his mission name on the back. When I told her, she said, "You just thought of that while I was talking?!" And I [...]

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congratulatoins on your first year zach!

First off, just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words about my pages. It was fun making some like that again. You guys are awesome! Sorry I've been absent of late. So, it may be April 1st but there's no foolin', Zach has been on his mission for one whole year as of today. I can't believe just how fast time has gone! It's gone by fast for him too. Yesterday as we were e-mailing each other, I asked him if he was glad he went. He said he's loving it. He loves living in DC. He [...]

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missionary update

So, with all the snow that DC has been getting, I've been wondering if Zach has been okay on food. Yesterday when we were e-mailing, I found out they haven't been able to get to the store for two weeks and was getting down to nothing. Not only that, when I asked him if he'd gone to the stores before the storm, this is what he said:"haha shopping before the storm here is a baaaad idea ... everyone goes shopping before the storm .... we went to safeway before the big storm to buy some food for a member and [...]

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something fuzzy

Whenever I feel something soft and fuzzy, I can't help but think of my dear friend, Kristy Banks, who loooooves anything soft and fuzzy by her face. Makes me smile. So of course I'm wondering how she would feel about fuzzy vinyl. It's soft, has texture, it's rich looking, and the black is about as black as you can get, which I LOVE. So here's a frame I shared on the Silhouette blog today. You can read all about it HERE. [the frame i got at target a few years ago] I think great minds must think alike, but you'll [...]

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