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Spring Is In The Air


Spring Is In The Air

Just hearing the word spring makes me happy. The new flowers peeking up, the anticipation of seeing more and more green above the houses, the opportunity to smell the first cut grass of the year. I just want to take a deep breath. Not only is it buzzing on the outside, but that time of year is buzzing with holidays. We get to touch on all of these holidays and talk about what spring means to you!


My Journaling

There is much excitement that revolves around springtime. Many holidays and renewal and growth. It’s funny, when I think of spring, it is the only season that doesn’t immediately make me think of the farm. I think of living in Utah in my junior high and high school days. That’s kind of funny to me.

There is one sound that reminds me of spring. This is going to probably seem a little strange to associate with spring, but it’s the sound of small airplane flying overhead in the big blue sky. When I would walk home from school or from the bus stop, I often heard this on spring afternoons. I don’t know why. But still to this day I am taken back to those moments every spring. It is a sound of spring to me. I love to hear it.

I loved seeing the burst of tiny pink blossoms on–what I call cherry trees–in the neighborhood and the fields of white blossoms in the orchards.

I had white clogs that I got for Easter–or maybe it was just spring. I can remember walking to church in them when I lived in Oregon.

The lilac bush. There is no better smell to me in the springtime than that. The beautiful fragrance that wafts into your bedroom window early in the morning…it’s heavenly.

My great grandfather and grandfather were known for their flowers–iris and peonies, in particular. Anyone that wanted to get some for Memorial Day to take to their loved ones that had passed away were more than welcome to get some. I loved that tradition.

 Note: I know there’s more that I want to talk about here, so I left a blank page in my book for when some of those other memories come to me.