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The History Project


Before we get started, here’s some legal mumbo jumbo to get familiar with.

All content in this class is the sole property of Kerri Bradford Studio, Inc. and cannot be redistributed in anyway, including using in a class content of your own. You can, however, share it among your immediate family members so that they can participate in this project as well.

All private links are for your use only. Please do not share with anyone. It’s ‘for your eyes only.’ :)

If you are just joining the class, you can do any prompt you want. It’s not chronological for that very reason–so you never feel behind, because the most important thing to do is just start writing. However, I would suggest doing Week 1 and maybe Week 8 first. Week 1 for sure because that is a little intro about yourself. Week 8 is a timeline that we add to the front of our book. You may also want to peruse each PDF for tips on writing and sharing your memories too.

Click HERE to download the a year-to-date compilation of all the PDFs.

Otherwise, you can download them individually using the links below.

Additionally, we have started using the Facebook group again, so if you haven’t joined yet, you can request so using this Facebook link.

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Let’s Take A Trip

Week 3: Ain’t Misbehavin’

Week 4: Games People Play

Week 5: That Was Scary

Week 6: That’s Entertainment

Week 7: Reading. Writing. Arithmetic.

Week 8: Creating Your Timeline

Week 9: Accidents Happen

Week 10: Happy Birth Day!

Week 11: I Get That From You

Week 12: Food, Glorious Food

Week 13: What Do You Want To Be?

Week 14: It’s All Relative

Week 15: Listen To The Music

Week 16: This Is The Place

Week 17:  Well, That Was Awkward

Week 18: The Magic of Television

Week 19: This Is My Room

Week 20: Hello Friend

Week 21: Things Change

Week 22: A License To Drive

Week 23: The Good Ol’ Summertime

Week 24: It’s Routine

Week 25: Don’t Wait. Write It!

Week 26: A Poignant Moment

Week 27: I Can Fly

Week 28: Living Through History

Week 29: I’m Gonna Be Rich!

Week 30: Sick In Bed

Week 31: The Snapshot

Week 32: What I Believe

Week 33: On The Street Where You Live

Week 34: Things My Mother Taught Me

Week 35: I’ve Got Style

Week 36: The Changing Season

Week 37: The Everyday You

Week 38: Isn’t It Romantical

Week 39: Gifts That Last Forever

Week 40: It’s Like Learning To Ride A Bike

Week 41: You, At A Glance

Week 42: I Am Grateful

Week 43: Thanksgiving

Week 44: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Week 45: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Week 46: I Love Technology

Week 47: Spring Is In The Air

Week 48: Home Sweet Home

Week 49: Happy New Year

Week 50: Random Little Things

Week 51: Flash Forward

Week 52: Final Words