Frequently Asked Questions


Please note: As much as we had hoped for a smooth transition to this new website, nothing can ever go as planned and there were some glitches that occurred. If you have an issue, please see if the information here will help. 

I’m trying to log into the new site with my old username and password and it’s not working.
All passwords on the new site need to be reset under My Account. Use your previous username and then choose Lost Password to create a new one for the new site.

Additionally, this site has a stronger built-in password setting, which is good and bad. General words and full dates are too common. Here’s a couple tips to make your password more secure. One, remove one or all the vowels from your ‘word’…or should I say ‘wrd’. Generally removing at least one vowel will take it from Weak to Strong. Two, don’t use a full year, like 1972. Using 72 is better. Usually one or both of those will do the trick.

Some of my download links aren’t working. I keep getting a 404 error page. How do I get them?
The links should be fixed. However, if you find you’re still having an issue, please use the Contact form in the Support menu to notify us.

I’m finding that some of my downloads or classes are missing. Where do I find them?
In the beginning–August 2010–we did things in very simple fashion here. A PayPal button in a blog post that eventually turned into a very simple store page. Records of purchases were only kept in PayPal. On June 21, 2013 the previous KBS store (that we’ve just replaced February 2017) was launched and these are the records within the current store–in addition to PayPal. If you purchased anything before the June 2013 date, they will not be in this new store. Again, we have records for everything in PayPal, just not all of them are in the store.

This applies to classes as well. Before the launch of the previous store in June 2013, my Silhouette classes were found on JessicaSprague.com. So if you’re not finding Getting To Know You, Oh The Places You Will Go, or Just Add Color, please check over there where you purchased them.

I have some classes that aren’t showing up in my account. Where do I find them?
There was an import glitch for all combo classes, including: Silhouette 1+2, 3+4 and 1-4 as well as Said+Done 1+2. It also affected Hello There and Weekend Workshop: The Pocket Book. Emails have been sent to customers that have purchased these classes. If you haven’t received an email, please check your junk mail. If you still don’t see an email, please contact us using the Contact form under the Support link. Also, please add hello@kerribradford.com and kerri@kerribradford.com to your email Contacts to ensure that you receive communications from us.

I’ve repurchased my classes, but it keeps asking me to purchase the class again. What do I do?
Clearing the cache in your browser should do the trick.  You can also see if trying a different browser will work too.

I purchased Designer Edition: One (for v2) and/or Oh The Places You will Go (for v2) and it’s asking for a password. 
These two classes are retired. Due to the way the classroom structure works, all retired classes require a password. All students in these classes should have received an email with the password (not the same as your own user password). If you haven’t received an email, please check your junk mail. If you still don’t see an email, please contact us using the Contact form under the Support link.

I didn’t get an email with my download links. What do I do?
It is possible that your email has filtered the automatically generated email with the links. Make sure you add kerri@kerribradford.com and orders@kerribradford.com to your Contacts. You can also access orders under My Accounts (top right). 

What file formats do your kits come in?
All KBS products come in SVG, DXF, and PNG unless otherwise noted. The first two are used with digital craft cutters, like Silhouette, Pazzles or Cricut. The last one is a graphic to print or use in digital crafting.

Can I use your files with a Cricut?
Yes and no. If you are using Cricut Design Space or have SCAL version 2, you can use the SVG file with your Cricut.

How do I use these files with my Silhouette?
Each kit comes in a ZIP file and you need to unzip it to access the individual directories/files. Refer to your operating system for steps on how to Unzip if you’re unsure of how to do that. But many times it can be unzipped by double-clicking on the file once you’ve saved it to your hard drive or you can use a feature called Extract with later versions of Windows.

Once unzipped, you can use the DXF with the standard Studio edition and the SVG with the Designer Edition. You can also refer to this video HERE for information how to get them into Studio.

I don’t see any cut lines after importing my SVG. What’s wrong?
Studio imports all SVG files in without cut lines, therefore you have to turn them on in the Cut Style window (scissors icon). If that doesn’t work, try ungrouping the image until it’s completely greyed out and then try adding the cut lines again.