• Release date: August 2018 This little stamp set is just what you need for creating the perfect date. It is designed so you can use either the day or the month number first. Or, as a second option, put a range of dates in the 'Day' section. Also works great with the months from Time Again. Perfect for planners and travelers notebooks. Includes 52 stamps on a 4×6 sheet. Made of photopolymer material in the US.

    Please note: Most stamps are only available 6-12 months after their initial release with the exception of some holiday, some staples and some travel themes. Any stamp set that includes ‘Last Call’ in the title means that it is the final run and will no longer be produced. The art for most stamps, however, is also available in the Digital Stamps section.

  • We often are so caught up in the everyday that we forget to take time to waste a moment. This is just a little reminder to do just that...and then document it. This kit comes as a single printable PNG file, including formats SVG and DXF. It also includes a large single 'Take the Time' phrase to use individually. Great to use in a planner!
  • Hello 2018! Just a fun little phrase to document the year. Comes in SVG, DXF and PNG.
  • For a new year, a fun trip, or an exciting new chapter in your life. Comes in SVG, DXF and PNG as well as a 3x4 black and white PNG file.
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    This stamp set has found its way to so many good homes, but now it’s time to say goodbye to make room for fun new things. So, last call folks. Now is the time to get it at a very special price and when it’s gone....it’s gone. Document in fine fashion with these giant months. Perfect for scrapbook pages, planners or traveler's notebook. Includes 16 stamps on a 4x6 sheet. Height averages .85". Made of photopolymer material in the good ol' US of A.