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In this class we’re putting the power of paper crafting into your hands. There is something empowering when you can create your own shapes and personalize them for your own needs. You will be learning all sorts of Silhouette Studio techniques to make ten cards and envelopes for all occasions.

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Greetings + Salutations!

At least that’s what my grandpa used to always say. And I loved it when he’d say that. He was so cute.

We live in a world of thank you notes, happy birthday cards, and just general ‘how do you do’ sentiments. There’s nothing more exciting than getting a cute card to brighten your day–except maybe getting a cute handmade card…and maybe learning how to make those cards and adapt them to so many different occasions!

Class Details

  • A self-paced Intermediate Silhouette class using the standard Studio software. Please note: While this class was filmed using version 2, all techniques can still be applied in version 3. It’ll just look a little different.
  • Prerequisite: Custom Made (or the retired Oh The Places You Will Go) or equivalent intermediate knowledge.
  • Designed for Intermediates. If you don’t know some of the more intermediate features covered in the suggested perquisite class(es) or you don’t have a semi-advanced knowledge base of the software, you might not feel quite up to speed.
  • Includes ten lessons for the ten cards+envelope creations with 1-3 videos in each lesson.
  • For any cutting machine that uses the Silhouette Studio software with a Cameo, Portrait (or older models), Wishblade, etc.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows.

Class Features

  • This class has ten sets of video lessons. Each lesson is divided into smaller video tasks that will have you creating your own greetings in no time!
  • The step-by-step video lessons let you see and hear the techniques at an easy-to-understand pace.
  • Each task includes techniques that build on one another.
  • Start, stop + rewind the videos as needed to make sure you catch every nugget of information.
  • You’ll get all digital content needed–the same ones I use in the videos–to follow along with the techniques. You can then apply these techniques to your own work.
  • You’ll have access to a message board created just for this class so you can talk amongst other Silhouette fans in the class.
  • You’ll have instant access to the course forever and ever here at KerriBradford.com.


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