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There’s one thing you should know about me: I love to travel. As far as my top three things go? Travel is a tie with photography with the two of them being second to my family. Doing all three together is my own little personal piece of heaven.

Because of my love for travel, I have done my share of travel journals. I love the interactiveness that a travel journal can have. But I also love simplicity and capturing my memories quickly. But with all the products available out there, it isn’t always easy to get the color scheme or the size or the words that you need.

That’s where this class can help you out!

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Over The Limit

Our proverbial suitcase is practically busting at the seams–over the weight limit for sure. I had to sit on it to get everything to fit and zipped up. But, boy oh boy, we are going to some great places in our little design world!

This class is all about using Silhouette Studio to make elements that can be used for trips from sea to shining sea. We’re talking paper, tags, shapes, special effects, maximizing your art, and everything in between. Expanding your Silhouette skills making specific elements is a must as well. And even if you don’t have an occasion to use ‘that palm tree’ in your vacation memories, the skills you use to create a shape like that can be used for many other designs to come. And I love me some interactive goodies too.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The beauty of this class is that it is adaptable to whatever size or format you’re needing. Take the interactive elements and use them on a page or use them as a page. Decorative elements can be added as dimension to a 3×4 card–or as a graphic element on the card itself that we make in class. You get to choose your color scheme, your sizes, your style…whatever you need to make the album fit you. Of course you can follow along and make your album like mine–with different photos, of course. ;) My album is 6×8 and consists of cardstock pages, photo pages, interactive elements and pocket page protectors. There will be predefined color schemes to help get you started as well.

In addition I will be sharing so many tips and tricks and my own personal–and usually very guarded–collection of titles to help you record your travel memories quickly and efficiently. There will also be a bonus lesson to show how I create handwritten titles and accents to use in Studio. Chances are you may have a similar setup so you can do the same.

Go. Go. Go.

My particular album focuses on all the many places I traveled in 2013, so we’ll be covering themes that can apply to trips you may have taken or will be taking–like the amusement park, the beach, the great outdoors, the big city, and who knows where else. You’ll come away with so many ideas, you’ll be sitting on your own proverbial suitcase to get it all in.

This class is jam-packed with a variety goodness.
Oh, and let us not forget the freebies! (A $10 value.)

Your amazing adventure awaits!

Class Details

  • A self-paced Intermediate Silhouette class using the standard Studio software.
  • Prerequisite: Custom Made (or the retired Oh The Places You Will Go).
  • Designed for Intermediates. If you don’t know some of the more intermediate features covered in Custom Made class or you don’t have a fairly advanced knowledge base of the software, you might not feel quite up to speed.
  • Includes five lessons online with individual videos in each lesson.
  • For any cutting machine that uses the Silhouette Studio software with a Cameo, Portrait (or older models), Wishblade, etc.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows.

Class Features

  • This class has five sets of video lessons. Each lesson is divided into smaller video tasks that will have you using your Silhouette like a pro in no time!
  • The step-by-step video lessons let you see and hear the techniques at an easy-to-understand pace.
  • Each task includes techniques that build on one another or work together to create one amazing album.
  • Start, stop + rewind the videos as needed to make sure you catch every nugget of information.
  • You’ll get all digital content needed–the same ones I use in the videos–to follow along with the techniques. You can then apply these techniques to your own work.
  • Includes a PDF of all the instructions.
  • Access to a message board created just for this class so you can talk amongst other Silhouette fans in the class.
  • Instant access to the course forever and ever here at


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