This little grouping eight cards come not only in PNG files to use in PS/PSE, Studio or any program that can handle graphics, but they also in the standard cut files–not necessarily for cutting, but for changing colors, if so desired. It is easiest to do this in the Designer Edition, but it can be done in the standard Studio edition with the DXF file. You will want to make compound paths of letters and such in order to add color. On the ‘Here And There’ ampersand image, you can use your own font and words to do your own ‘this and that’ or ‘you and me’ or ‘jack and jill’. Or remove the words and just use a big ol’ ampersand on our page. The size is set to 1.5 x 3″, but of course may be altered. They are, however, meant to be ‘tiny details.’ :) Staple them on a page, tuck it next to a journaling block…all sorts of fun!