You bet your sweet bippy there is!
You can never have enough backgrounds.

This baby has 26 designs total and with plenty of variety! Not only in design, but also in size. The top left and top right circle designs are not all there . . . I was just plum runnin’ out of room! So just so you know, there are two versions of each: square rounded edge with even circles, square straight edge with staggered circles, letter size rounded edge with even circles and letter size straight edge with staggered circles. If that’s plain as mud. :)

And it’s hard to tell, but on the diamond background, one has circles in the connecting parts of the diamonds and the other doesn’t.

Whew! Think I’m done designing for the day.
Got to get back to cleaning the explosion I made yesterday.
It’s always worse before it gets better . . . why, oh why . . .