Hey everyone! Just popping in really quick to share a fabulous sports book idea from Laura! I should do something like this for Jordan for drama, but considering she graduates on the morrow, I think I’m a little late in the *ehem* game for that. ;)

[ Shapes | Weathered Door Alphabet [All] / Decade: 2000 / twentyTEN / twentyELEVEN / twentyTWELVE / twentyTHIRTEEN / A Beautiful World / Touchdown / The Ol’ Ballgame / School Years: Add-Ons / Graduation ]


Here’s what Laura has to say:

I was recently asked to put together an album for a graduating senior as a gift from her parents. There were a few reasons that I couldn’t say “no” to taking on this big project. This senior went to the same high school that my daughter Alyssa goes too. Alyssa and this senior played on the varsity soccer team together this year. And this senior’s dad had saved all of the newspaper clippings from her high school sports years and wanted to do something special with them, and I think that is pretty cool! This album is almost all newspaper clippings, with the exception of a few photos from “Senior Night” at the last soccer game of the year. This album is also ALL cardstock and patterned paper. No embellishments or bulky items of any kind.

I started this album by organizing all of the clippings by year and putting them in order date wise, and then adhering them to my background papers. I then went through all of Kerri’s kits, as well as my Silhouette library, pulling out any shapes, words, and phrases that I thought would fit in with the sports theme. Kerri’s new Weathered Door Alphabet kit came at just the right time, as I was short on sports words and had planned on creating my own. I just love the chunkier font and slightly distressed look of the Weathered Door Alphas, and they have just the right look for the sports pages. After collecting an assortment of shapes, I went page by page and choose words and phrases that fit in the space I had on that particular page. I filled in the rest of the empty spots with cut soccer balls, volleyballs, and a variety of stars. I don’t think I have ever cut this many pieces for any project and I truly gave my Cameo a workout. But once this graduating senior and her parents saw the completed album, I knew it was all worth it.
I’m sure they did love it Laura! What a great piece of her life!