I have been seeing so many gold embossed/debossed pretty things lately that I decided I needed make my own debossed card!


It’s super simple with a craft cutter, like Cricut or Silhouette and your Minc machine. I even did this without a light box. gasp.

You can probably do this with many designs, but you know I love me some polkadots, so that’s what I had to do. had.

Here’s how:

  1. Open a pattern or create your own.
  2. Once you have the pattern for print, fill it with black so you can print it for use with your Minc.
  3. Make a copy of the pattern, Offset it by a very small fraction and delete the original part you offsetted (yeah, it’s a word). You want it just enough bigger so that when you deboss it there is room for the cardstock to depress without taking the gold with it. You want the sides of the deboss to be the cardstock and not take part of your Minc’d image, if that makes sense. In this image you can see the blue dots are just slightly larger than the black.

    debossing silhouette screen
  4. Print + Minc the black. Cut the blue on your craft cutter. Trim as perfectly as possible.
  5. With washi tape handy, hold both pieces up to the light or a window so you can align them up. Once aligned, add washi to keep in place.


  6. Use an embossing tool to carefully depress the gold layer down into the cut layer. I rubbed on the gold and it didn’t come off. Also, I used to have a double-tipped embossing tool with a finer tip than the one I could find. I really wanted that finer tip to give the debossing a more polished look.

That’s it! Pretty cool, right?
I’m sure there are many fun designs to do this with!
Go give it a whirl!