Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Lots of family or friends coming over? Have you ever thought of handing out little Thanksgiving favors? I admit, I haven’t. But mostly because we never have Thanksgiving at our house. ;)

But in the House of Massey, our sweet Maggie does just that—and this year has decorated them with a tag and the Home stamps.





Um. Hello? Maggie? Wait for me this Thanksgiving, will ya? I want one of those. :)

I love that she used the window insets a little off…’cause that’s exactly what I had in mind when I included them. These little favors are just adorable! And I’m dying over all the scents of the candles. They sound so yummy and the packaging is divine.

Here’s what Maggie has to say:

We host Thanksgiving every year…and it’s something I love to do.
I also love to give each family a little something to take home with them each year…you know, besides armfuls of leftovers.
This year, I bought a whole bunch of yummy smelling candles to give to our guests…and I used Kerri’s new HOME stamp to make the perfect little tags to go along with them.
I started by cutting out some tags from cardstock…nothing too fancy. A colorful reinforcer just makes the tag all the cuter.
Then I added the little house designs (love!) and the word “welcome.” Next, I brought each tag over to my typewriter and typed in “to our.” And, finally, I stamped the word HOME.
I love the way they look! And I think my guests will love them, too.


I think I need to host a Thanksgiving now so I can make these too. :)